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Worldwide, SMARTAA is recognized as a reliable accredited online system. Accreditation and the top online solution are both provided by us for your institution.

Why Us ?

Best Online Home School Approved System for Muslims

We provide an interactive online education system for educational institutions. We focus on building a system to teach Muslim children Islam, the Qur’an and the Arabic language, which helps educational institutions to provide the best services.

Best Islamic K-12 Education System for Online Schools

The SMARTAA approach is unparalleled in the Islamic school world and beyond. We are an online school system that receive accreditation from the most prominent accreditation agency, COGNIA.

Our Features

Unique Arab, Islamic, and Quranic Curriculum

Muslim Interactive Online School Programs

SmartAA Has Top-Qualified Teachers

Distinctive Muslim Schooling Model

No Technical Complication in Learning

USA Cognia Accredited Online School

Why Is SMARTAA System Better?

If your school is looking for a top-notch online learning system, look no further than SMARTAA, an approved Islamic educational system.

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